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International Business Administration

Data Science & Decision Support

If you answer yes to the following questions, the DSDS program is probably the right choice for you:

  • Do you believe that informed business decisions can only be made by understanding the underlying data?

  • Would you like to learn how to analyze decision processes properly and how to apply appropriate decision models?

  • Do you want to be the person who accurately understands and masters artificial intelligence algorithms, rather than just relying on decisions suggested by experts?

  • Are you a numbers person interested in developing your own programming codes? Or do you want to become one?

  • Did you enjoy applied mathematics and statistics in your previous education?

Our Vision: Learning from data and drawing the right conclusions

We live in a highly connected world, and data has become a key success factor in many businesses over the past decade. In addition, there are a growing number of companies pursuing a data-driven business model. Even the traditional manufacturing industry relies heavily on internal and external data to organize smooth processes and develop smart services and products. Data is important for managing businesses at all levels and creating value for customers. However, humans are unable to oversee the vast amounts of data available, and it is becoming increasingly impossible to draw conclusions without the help of powerful tools. "Learning from data" means applying or even developing methods of statistics, artificial intelligence and optimization. "Drawing the right conclusions" means finding the best decision model and eventually an optimal solution.

Your perspectives: Data Analyst, CIO, COO, or even CEO

Since data is used extensively in almost every industry these days, there are no limits to your career options. As a DSDS graduate, you can begin your career as a data analyst in fields such as consulting, retail, finance, pharmaceuticals, and automotive, or in public administrations and non-governmental organizations. You can start in a blue chip company just as well as in a start-up, maybe even your own, why not? After a few years of work experience, you may be qualified enough to become a CIO (Chief Information Officer) or COO (Chief Operations Officer) - and who knows, why not a CEO? Regardless of which career path you choose, your skills in data analytics and supporting data-driven decisions can help lead businesses and other institutions to succeed, both in terms of commercial and non-commercial goals.

Members of the department Data Science & Decision Support

  • Prof. Dr. Christian Almeder
    Professorship in Supply Chain Management

  • Prof. Dr. Sven Husmann
    Professorship in Finance and Capital Market Theory

  • Prof. Dr. Achim Koberstein
    Professorship in Business Informatics & Operations Research

  • Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schmid
    Professorship in Statistics

  • A new colleague will take up a professorship in Business Analytics in April 2022

  • Another colleague will take up a professorship in Statistics, also in April 2022

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