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International Business Administration

Study options

The study consists of modules. It can either be completed function oriented or inter-functional. The offered study variations allow the students to specialize according to their functional and language preferences. There are four alternative tracks for the function oriented study options. The faculty has introduced four alternative tracks with the following titles:

A function oriented subject specific education within the study option [1a] has its study emphasis in one of the four tracks. Students, who choose a function oriented study option in one of the four tracks, but want to acquire a language certificate (C1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)) in Polish or French in addition to the obligatory language training in German and English, may do so in study option [1b].

Alternatively, students may choose a broader inter-functional study program. This allows the students to reasonably select courses from the entire module catalog for all tracks. This universal education program may be completed in German and/or English in terms of general business administration (study option [2a]) or in terms of multiple-language orientation with Polish or French as further languages in study option [2b].

Content of the Modules

Within their studies, the students attend Track Modules, Research Modules as well as Support Modules respectively Language Modules. Finally, you will compose your Master Thesis and defend it in a colloquium.

Track Modules (T-Modules) serve the purpose of teaching core knowledge and core competences from economic subjects. Depending on the selected study variation, six to eight modules from the track modules (T-Modules) offered have to be successfully completed. Because of these alternatives, you may specialize your studies, according to your individual educational preferences.

Subject matter of the Research Modules (R-Modules) can be – based on the underlying Track Module – for example a project work, a working paper, an interdisciplinary seminar, a simulation game, an excursion, a workshop lasting several days with practitioners or other universities.

Support Modules (S-Modules) conduce to the interdisciplinary education (interdisciplinary/non-subject related qualifications) and cannot be track modules from the offered tracks FACT, FINE, IOM or M & M. Support Modules can involve among others the future of Europe as an economic region and the development of institutions.

For the Language Module, the students have to furnish proof of their language certificate (C1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)) in Polish or French at the Language Center at European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder).

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