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Business Administration

Recht und Wirtschaft | Wirtschaft und Recht

Interdisciplinary thinking and studying

We are very pleased that our bachelor major, Recht und Wirtschaft | Wirtschaft und Recht, which is offered together with the law faculty, has aroused your interest. Viadrina offers you the special opportunity to live and learn in an international environment and to further develop yourself personally.

The major is rigorously interdisciplinary in scope and meets the needs of companies in the labor market, but it also meets the needs of students. You receive a sound foundation in the fields of law and business administration and you could then specialize according to your vocational orientation. Our graduates, after having completed their bachelor’s degree, are active at the interface between law and business.

The program could be studied in two ways. Both study options, "Recht und Wirtschaft" or "Wirtschaft und Recht" are initially identical. Within the first year of study students decide which study variety they would like to pursue. The study option "Recht und Wirtschaft" puts emphasis on legal aspects, whereas "Wirtschaft und Recht" emphasizes business and economic aspects. This decision determines your future course of study.

Study option "Wirtschaft und Recht"

After receiving a grounded and thorough education in economic and legal basics, you will decide, as part of the study variant Business and Law, which subject groups you choose. Therefore you will select one of the newly offered focus areas. Thereby you will study the contents of the fields you are really interested in and which will lead you to your desired career; be it Management, Finance, Accounting, Taxation or Economics. For more information, please look at the descriptions of the offered majors.

Accompanying your education, you also receive training in English. Additionally, you could also optionally complete a semester abroad. We will naturally support you in finding a partner university that is "right" for you.

Come to Viadrina and enroll in a bachelor program with

  • a rigorously interdisciplinary orientation,

  • an integrated foreign language training,

  • a special international environment, with students from more than 40 countries.

  • The requirement for admission to study is basically a university entrance certificate (high school diploma, Abitur). Further information ...

  • Alongside German English is the instruction and testing language of the program. Language knowledge in German will be required. Information on accepted certificates ...
    Since proof of having a good command of English is an obligatory component of the program, all applicants should already command good English language knowledge at the beginning of the program. No proof of English proficiency required.

  • Those who wish to successfully completely a degree in economics should additionally bring along:
    • Interest in economic issues,
    • Courage both to live and work independently and as part of an international team,
    • Ambition and will, abstact and logical thinking and
    • good mathematical knowledge.

Interested?! We are looking forward to your application ...