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Business Administration

Bachelor Programs

Prospective students that want to pursue a bachelor's degree in business administration have the opportunity to select from three programs:

Composition of the Program

The six resp. seven semester bachelor program is composed of both of a basic education and education in the focus area. During the first three semesters, which function as orientation semesters, students complete the basic education modules and obtain, within scope of the foreign language training requirement, a certificate in the English module. The second phase of your studies (4th till 6th semester) is dedicated to creating a profile. Within the context of focus area education, students deepen their knowledge in two or three of the offered majors dependent of the study program.

Students enrolled in International Business Administration or Internationale Betriebswirtschaftslehre must complete a semester abroad during the second phase of their studies. The semester abroad is optional for students enrolled in Recht und Wirtschaft | Wirtschaft und Recht (Law and Business | Business and Law) or Wirtschaftsprüfung. The opportunity to acquire a sought-after double degree is made possible through a selection of partner universities.