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University Admission Eligibility

  • Prerequisites for the admission to any course of study in Germany requires a university entrance qualification. This qualification must be equivalent to a university entrance qualification obtained in Germany (i.e. a secondary school diploma, e.g. Abitur or equivalent).
    Please be aware that the definition of the university entrance qualification (secondary school diploma, e.g. Abitur or equivalent) can vary from country to country. This means that in certain cases, one or two years of educational experience at a university in your home country, a one-year term at a German "Studienkolleg" or the fulfilment of other prerequisites (e.g. APS) may be mandatory prior to the admission.
    Information can be found on anabin (currently only German, English version planned) or the admission database (German & English) of the DAAD.
    Please inquire about your requirements for admission long before the deadline!

  • Foreign applicants with foreign certificates must apply via uni-assist!
    Information you find within the 5 Steps to the Viadrina (Step 3a).

  • All other applicants follow the ‘German Application Rules’. This applies to all those who:
    • are a German passport holder (regardless if you have dual citizenship), even if you have a foreign university entrance qualification (secondary school diploma, e.g. Abitur or equivalent, etc.).
    • do not have any German citizenship, but have a German university entrance qualification (secondary school qualification, e.g. Abitur or equivalent).
    • In addition to the documents described there, you must also submit a certified copy and an official translation of your university entrance qualification (secondary school diploma, e.g. Abitur or equivalent, etc.).
  • A general university entrance qualification gives access to higher education, and allows you to freely choose degree programmes and subjects. In contrast, a subject-specific university entrance qualification only allows to study certain courses/subjects.
    However, it may also be the case that you only have access to study after completing study-preparatory programs, e.g. Studienkolleg/ Feststellungsprüfung (either general or subject-specific). The Viadrina offers preparatory study programs.