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Program Details


What you will learn

The ViAPACS program introduces into key concepts, models and methods of peace and conflict studies and conflict resolution practice. You will acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills to handle conflicts in a constructive and responsible manner.

The program focuses on conflicts in political and societal contexts. Most insights and skills will however also prove helpful in other areas of professional and private life, such as workplace disputes and interpersonal conflicts.

As a participant in the ViAPACS program you will learn to analyze conflicts in a systematic fashion. You will practice how to moderate communication processes. You will learn and train to negotiate for your own interests or the interests of a client, a group or a superior you represent. You will practice mediating between conflicting parties. You will acquire skills for unlocking intractable decision dilemmas. And you will learn how to design tailor-made processes for these different purposes.

In addition to the modules on these topics, an internship of at least 4 (Minor Certificate) or 8 (Major Certificate) weeks is required. The internship allows you to apply, critically reflect on and further develop the newly acquired knowledge and skills.

For detailed information on the ViAPACS modules' content, please see the Module Catalog.


How you will learn

All modules consist of a 2-day interactive training course at Viadrina and complementary self-study tasks to be completed before and/or after the course on Moodle.

The highly interactive on-site seminars consist of short inputs, practical exercises, including simulations and role-plays, and debriefing sessions. This will allow you to translate challenge-based learning experiences into critical reflection, deeper understanding and practical skills.

The self-study tasks complementing each module provide additional opportunities to learn and reflect on your own and with your peers.


From and with whom you will learn

ViAPACS seminars are taught by a team of scholar-practitioners from the Viadrina Institute of Conflict Management and the Center for Peace Mediation, including:

In addition, conflict resolution practitioners and academic experts from relevant fields will join the courses as guest lecturers. They will come from various partner institutions, including the German Federal Foreign Office, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), the Center for International Peace Operations (ZIF), the Kyiv Mohyla Academy and other organizations.

You will study with students from all three faculties of Viadrina – Social and Cultural Sciences, Law and Economics – from BA, MA or PhD programs. This brings a variety of personalities, perspectives, questions and experiences to the program that will enrich the discussions, working groups and simulations in the course. It will also allow you to connect with other people on campus and build your own ViAPACS peer group. Therefore, to allow for a very personal working relationship, only up to 20 students are invited to participate each year based on their application.