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Master of International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

Admission requirements

Requirements for admission are:

  • a university degree in law or an equivalent qualification
    • a certified copy of the degree(s) in German, English or French must be submitted with the application form
  • adequate aptitude in English, both spoken and written, to be able to read academic literature, write academic papers and engage competently in academic discourse; this can be satisfied be
    • a test result of at least 20 points in the TOEFEL computer-based test, at least grade B in the Cambridge Advanced Certificate or a IELTS grade of at least 6; or
    • school education in English of at least four years’ duration; or
    • equivalent proof, e.g. residence in an English-speaking foreign country for a sufficient period; or clear evidence of being a native speaker of English
  • a high level of motivation to participate in the programme
    • a statement of motivation must be provided within the application form
  • at least one year’s practical professional experience
    • this must be demonstrated by submission of an appropriate certificate or other confirmation of a relevant employer or organisation
    • exemptions from this requirement may be granted by the Examinations Committee
  • the support of two independent referees from two different institutions or organisations
    • confidential references must be provided on the form available from the website (see under Applications)
  • payment of the tuition fees in accordance with the Fees Regulations of the Viadrina European University.