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International Business Administration

First academic degree

  • Essential requirement for the admission into a Master program is your successful acquirement of a university degree, such as a Bachelor, that implies a professional qualification. This degree has to be earned from a German University and or an international university being recognized in Germany.
  • To apply for the admission into the Master of International Business Administration it requires successfully completed Bachelor studies in the field of Business Administration and/or Economics and a total of 30 ECTS-Credits in the courses mathematics, statistics, business informatics, microeconomics or macroeconomics. You do not necessarily need to have had all of these courses as long as this total number of credits is achieved. A notarized copy of your first degree or your performance overview of the university, thus it states a tentative average grade has to be attached to the application!

  • Admission for this program can also be requested, if the first academic degree, due to outstanding exam results, is not yet accredited, but the current performance level suggests that this degree will be reached until the beginning of the Master studies. The applicant has to proof such by turning in a respective performance overview of the university (notarized copy), thus it states a tentative average grade.