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Business Administration

Why study business?

The study of business deals with the analysis of all sorts of economic relations between corporations, consumers and governmental institutions. Knowledge of business is indispensable and variously applicable in most fields of today's working world. These are acquired in the study of Business Administration.

A business does not become successful from a good product alone. Business administration concerns itself with everything else that pertains to the success of the company : Is the product at all in demand (market research)? How can it be cheaply produced (production)? How can capital be secured for the product (financing)? How are sales increased (marketing, distribution)? How are good employees found (human resources)? On what should the business spend its money (investment, strategy)? Business Administration students do not just have the business in mind, but rather the market, competition as well as the government, which sets out the conditions. They indeed work with profits and losses, but above all with people and their economic actions.

Modern companies place a lot of value on key skills, such as dealing openly with people, knowhow with regard to presentations as well as optional foreign language knowledge. Above all, as part of globalization, many companies do not just think in terms of their own country, but rather think in terms of Europe or the entire world. That is why learning one or more foreign languages in college is certainly a beneficial investment for students that pursue a degree in business administration.

Employment opportunities are varied after graduation. All bigger companies need economists, even hospitals and political parties cannot do without business management. Not to be forgotten are the academics, in which, with the help of research, the content of the discipline is further developed and the students are educated. Where you find a job often depends on your focus area of study and your additionally gathered experiences. The latter is obtained in particular through internships and studying abroad. Often, this can also correspond with personal inclinations.