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Business Administration


The Management Process

Study of the module group "The Management Process" prepares students for management tasks at businesses and organizations, or such a course of study would be of great help to assist and guide them. At the core of the module group is the acquisition of key skills necessary for the successful control of businesses and organizations. The focus is on management functions strategy and strategic planning, organization and leadership. Students learn, among other things, how strategies are automatically developed, where the boundaries of planning lie and which alternative control options exist; which formal structural options of the organized division of labor exist and what meaning und function does the informal structure (business culture) have for system success; how groups function and how they are governed; what it means to lead, and what must be led; what motivates people and what discourages them, and how it can be influenced.

The individual instruction modules (lectures, exercises and seminars) are collectively geared, with regard to the successful perception of these control functions, toward the development of both the technical as well as the conceptual and social skills of students.

The guiding model of this instruction is that of the "reflective practitioner", i.e., the practically behaving manager who, on the basis of a grounded knowledge base, is able to make well-founded, ethically reflected, effective and efficient decisions and is also able to continue to develop (lifelong learning).