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Business Administration


Information & Operations Management

Study of the module group "Information & Operations Management" prepares students to take over administrative and managerial functions in a company's central fields, such as purchasing, production, distribution and information processing, or to act as consultants in these fields. The targeted use of information and communication technology is perceived as a factor of success. The educational goal of the “Information and Operations Management” module group is to enable students to master the multifaceted management problems that arise at the value added level in the most differentiated branches of manufacturing and service industry sectors.

The key point of the module group is to convey methods of planning, forming, leading and control of material and information flows along the value added chain as well as the design and the management of the necessary information systems. To this end, both concepts of strategic planning of the value added process and the operational implementation of production and logistics processes are discussed.

The modules of this module group deal with the most common problems occurring during planning in the different fields of production and logistics as well as the relevant solution approaches. Also, methods for solving those problems are applied, based on practical exercises and case studies. Parallel to that students examine typical business processes in production and logistics and the core information systems of a company, especially for enterprise resource planning (ERP systems) and data analysis (business intelligence, business analytics). Furthermore, project planning, implementation and control (project management) are also addressed. Moreover, work projects, presentations and planning games are used to impart to students the necessary social skills (for example, teamwork skills, leadership skills and solid presentation style) that a career in the management demands.

In addition to businesses in manufacturing and service industries, management consulting and software companies are the future employers. Graduates with IOM as a focus area are also called into action at the intersection of the specialist and IT departments, e.g., when sketching and optimizing business processes. Typical job profiles are Supply Chain Manager, Information Manager (up to the CIO), Systems Analyst, Project Leader and Management Consultant, as well as Industry Expert or consultant in key areas such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), production and logistics management, supply chain management (SCM) and customer relations management (CRM).