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Business Administration



The module group "Finance" integrates the practically relevant and the scientific. Students of this module group acquire scientific ability and knowledge, whose academic requirements would more than suffice at the workplace. They are, therefore, both qualified for a field-related career as well as for continued financial studies. Students get to know the central methods of modern public finance management and are able to apply these to both practical profession-related problems as well as to academic issues (practical transfer of knowledge). To that end, individual modules in the module group develop the necessary and fundamental financial instruments, which methods of microeconomics, mathematics und statistics tie together. In addition to the development of technical qualifications, seminars also focus on the development of skills in other fields. With this in mind, team player skills counts as part of group work and, communication skills are part of presenting. Additionally, since modules are also held in English, students become qualified for international careers.

Students of this module group have at their disposal entry-level positions in both national and international fields. These are industry-independent, and range from industrial to service industry sectors. Among the target employers are included capital market oriented industrial businesses with their own financial department, in which investment and financing decision are prepared, or companies belonging to the banking or insurance sector as well as financial consulting firms. Individually, these could be, for example, commercial and investment banks, accounting firms as well as consulting and asset management.