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Business Administration


European Taxation

The instruction contents of the module group "European Taxation" prepares students for a consulting position for and in a company that operates across Europe. They are, therefore, clearly career-related (tax advising, auditing, tax departments of international companies). The main aim of this module group is to convey tax law knowledge, especially German and Polish foreign tax law, treaty law and European law (primary and secondary law) as well as to discuss the methods of quantifying tax effects and tax burden arrangements in an international context. Additionally, tax (business taxation) and accounting specific knowledge could be acquired and broadened.

Work projects, presentations and role play are made use of in the module group in order to impart to students the necessary social skills, especially teamwork skills, leadership skills and a solid presentation style, that a future career in consulting demands. The professorships participating in the module group work together with renowned German and Polish tax consultancy firms. In this way, the practical relevance of the subject matter is guaranteed, the likelihood of good job market opportunities is considerably increased, but the amount of work involved is also increased!