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Business Administration

Studying abroad / double degree

Students who are enrolled either in the International Business Administration or in the Internationale Betriebswirtschaftslehre programs must study abroad for one semester during the second part of their studies. For Recht und Wirtschaft | Wirtschaft und Recht students, the semester abroad is optional.

With a network of over 200 partner universities the world over, Viadrina actively supports you during the planning and organizational phases for your semester abroad. The high degree of international student mobility at Viadrina confirms the success of the international orientation of the university.

The opportunity to acquire a sought-after double degree is possible with a select group of partner universities. Applying and planning for a double degree generally requires more effort than simply applying and planning for a semester abroad. In particular, the course schedules before and after the stay abroad should be thought out very well, so as not to lose unnecessary time for your studies. Special attention with regard to lost time should also be paid to the possibility of different academic calendars (e.g., as in the case with Argentina).

At the beginning of every winter semester exchange students present themselves and their home universities as part of International Day. Students at Viadrina, who are interested in a semester abroad, can come here to get firsthand information on the universities they are interested in.