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Top places in the CHE ranking

Excellent supervision, very good course offerings and outstanding study organization

In terms of study satisfaction, the European University Viadrina is once again among the top group in the nationwide university ranking of the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE) of May 2020.

>> Current results of the ranking:

Top marks for international business administration programs

In the ranking for the subject Business Administration – i. e. the study programs International Business Administration (IBA) and International Business Administration (IBWL) – Viadrina is in the top group in 9 of 12 dimensions. Top marks were given, among other things, for the support during studies, the supervision by lecturers, the range of courses as well as the organization of studies and examinations.

The International Business Administration (IBA) Master's programme also scores above average in the current Master's ranking. The international orientation, the supervision of students and the support of stays abroad are particularly well rated.

Viadrina awarded for law studies

In the field of law studies, students particularly appreciate the range of courses offered, the support provided by lecturers, the organisation of studies and the organisation of examinations. Viadrina was also voted into the top group in the area of lecture halls and self-study places.

Social and Cultural studies

The CHE ranking only covers the larger and more traditional disciplines, smaller subjects are not included. For this reason, there are no comparative figures for the interdisciplinary study programs of the Faculty of Social and Cultural Sciences.

The university ranking of the weekly newspaper "Die ZEIT" and the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE) is Germany's largest and most important comparative ranking of state and private universities. The students' assessments of the areas of research, teaching and equipment are incorporated into the results. The European University Viadrina has already occupied top positions in the CHE ranking in recent years.