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Without a school leaving certificate

Admission for a bachelor program can be given to applicants having one of the following qualifications:

  1. a master as craftsman based on the trade and crafts code or equivalent,
  2. a degree in higher qualification based on the vocational training act with 400 hours of training minimum,
  3. a certificate of formal qualification for nautical or technical service on board based on the training regulations for ship deck officers with 400 hours of training minimum,
  4. a graduation from a public technical college or an officially recognized private technical college or an equivalent graduation,
  5. a higher qualification as health professional or social education worker, earned from a continued education under provision of federal state law which is equivalent to the ones mentioned with 1. or 2., or
  6. successfully passed secondary school level (or equivalent) and a suitable professional training plus work experience of 2 years minimum.

Legal basis is § 9 of the Brandenburg Higher Education Act (Brandenburgischen Hochschulgesetzes) of 28.04.2014.

The existence of such a qualification of the applicant will be checked during the admission procedure. There is no need to request this check separately.

Please add all relevant documents for your qualification as certified copies to the covering letter from your online application.