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MA Programs in the area of Social and Cultural Sciences

Master (4 semesters)

Sociocultural Studies
Program in German including the international track:

Language – Media – Society
Program in German with the following tracks: 

Culture and history of Central and Eastern Europe
Program in German.

History of Modernity in Transcultural Perspective
Program in German.

Literary Studies: Aesthetics – Literature – Philosophy
Program in German with the following tracks: 

European Studies
Program in German including several international Tracks.

Digital Entrepreneurship
The Master of Digital Entrepreneurship (MoDE) is an interdisciplinary, project-based study program in English which is offered by the European New School of Digital Studies (ENS). It focuses on digitalization from the perspective of law, economics, social sciences and computer science and offers the option of a German-Polish double degree. Six module groups provide the students with a range of theoretical and practical methods to develop and reflect on their own entrepreneurial solutions to the challenges of the digital transformation in Europe.

Master, Continuing education degrees, fees apply

European Cultural Heritage
Program in German.