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Cultural and Social Studies

Course of study

The standard period of study is 6 semesters and the scope of study is 180 ECTS credits.

Beginning Your Studies in English

Module 1: Introduction (15 ECTS-Credits)
Module 2: Consolidation (15 ECTS-Credits) 

  • Overview of disciplinary approaches to studying culture and society in a lecture series by professors of the faculty

  • Accompanying seminar that focuses on the acquisition of basic academic writing competences in the context of cultural and social sciences

  • Consolidation Module – two courses in general cultural sciences in English

Your Central Studies

Module 3: 30 ECTS-Credits | Module 4: 30 ECTS-Credits

Choose two of three modules and attend four courses in each:

  • EUROPE/S – History, Culture, Politics
  • MEDIA – Image, Text and Language
  • DIFFERENCE – Migration, Gender and Diversity

Can be attended in either English and/or German

At least 6 ECTS have to acquired in German (orally or in written form)

Your Optional Choice

Module 5: 12 ECTS-Credits

Either a deepened focus on one of the topics offered in modules 3 and 4 by attending two more courses in these modules


Take part in two courses in economics at the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics of Viadrina


Take part in two courses in Digital Societies, offered in cooperation with the European New School of Viadrina

Either of the given options can be carried out in English or German

Module 6: 12 ECTS-Credits

The module focuses on methods in science to ensure access to academic standards as they are common in German social and cultural sciences

  • Peer-writing class (ideally to be attended in the beginning)

  • Attendance in a colloquium in one of the four academic disciplines (to be attended in German)

  • Programme-specific interdisciplinary colloquium in which BA thesis research design is presented and an exposé is written

Module 7: 36 ECTS-Credits

For students without German backgrounds:

  • German (at least B2)
  • Students are strongly advised to reach C1 level if they plan to continue their studies in Germany
  • Another foreign language (B1), (C1) if this is English
  • Students with Anglophone backgrounds are excluded from choosing English as a foreign language

For students with German backgrounds:

  • One foreign language which is not English (B2)
  • One other foreign language (B1) or (C1) if this is English

Practical Skills and Job Market Preparation

Module 8: 18 ECTS-Credits

  • At least four weeks (6 ECTS-Credits) internship for all:

    • by means of a three-months internship abroad, students can fulfill the obligation of the mandatory stay abroad (earning the module's total of 18 ECTS-Credits at the same time)
    • students with non-German background can course a three-months internship abroad (ideally in a German-speaking environment) or in Germany to comply with the study regulations

  • Other practical skills in the form of workshop/practice seminars at Viadrina in German (function as additional opportunity to learn German for students with no or little German skills)

  • Thesis can be written in either English or German

  • Oral exam (60 minutes) can be held in either English or German

Curriculum (Template)

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You can find the details in the study and examination regulations.

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