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If you are interested in the ViAPACS program and have further questions, please read our answers to the frequently asked questions below. In case this cannot answer your question, please feel free to contact us via



What do I need to do to get the Minor / Major Certificate?

You need to actively participate in 4/6 modules (Minor/Major Certificate), including the pass/fail online test, and complete an internship of at least 4/8 weeks (Minor/Major Certificate), including a structured documentation of the internship.

Please find all detailed information on the formal requirements for obtaining the certificates in the Certificate Regulations (Zertifikatsordnung).

Can I get credit for an internship I have already completed in the past?

No, internships you have completed before your enrolment in the ViAPACS program cannot be credited.

Which organizations are eligible for an internship to get credited in the program?  

Eligible for the internship are international, regional, local organizations, NGOs or ministries that deal with conflict resolution, mediation or transformation in the field of diplomacy, peacebuilding, development cooperation, public policy, foreign/cultural policy and remembrance work or the like. The internship needs to be embedded into a unit or project that is explicitly linked to the work on conflict.

Please see also Internships.

What if I’m going abroad during the ViAPACS program?

If you are going abroad or studying part-time, you can take the respective module/s in the following program cycle.

Please note that enrolment at Viadrina is a prerequisite for participation in the program and obtaining the certificate. Therefore, we recommend that you start early enough with the ViAPACS program to be able to complete the program before your exmatriculation from Viadrina.

Please see also the Certificate Regulations (Zertifikatsordnung).