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If you are interested in the ViAPACS program and have further questions, please read our answers to the frequently asked questions below. In case this cannot answer your question, please feel free to contact us via

You will learn key concepts, models and methods of both peace and conflict studies and conflict resolution practice. You will acquire skills and knowledge for a constructive and responsible handling of conflicts.

  • How to analyze conflicts
  • How to moderate communication processes
  • How to negotiate for one‘s own interests
  • How to mediate between conflicting parties
  • How to unlock intractable dilemmas
  • How to design tailor-made processes for these different purposes

Each seminar will be two days in person and work with highly interactive teaching methods. In addition to short inputs the focus will be set on practical exercises, debriefing sessions, group work, simulations and interactive discussions. The seminars will be taught by an interdisciplinary team of academic experts with practical experience in various fields of conflict management.

In the first program cycle, the seminars will take place as follows:

  • Introduction to Applied Peace & Conflict Studies: February 27 & 28, 2023
  • Conflict Analysis: March 6 & 7, 2023
  • Negotiation: March 13 & 14, 2023
  • Communication: August 30 & 31, 2023
  • Mediation & Dialogue: September 4 & 5, 2023
  • Dilemma Management: September 11 & 12, 2023

The seminars will start at 10am on both days and in person in the university. Further dates of the program can be found in our timeline for 2022-2024.

Approximately one month before the winter and the summer block you will get access to the e-learning platform of the ViAPACS modules. The e-learning tasks for each block have to be completed before the first seminar takes place. The tasked will help to understand the theoretical and conceptual foundation of the topics addressed in the modules. Some tasks might need to be completed after a seminar. The workload will be manageable in your main study courses

This is indeed the intention. Since this year’s program is a pilot, it depends on its evaluation whether the program will continue, but we intend to offer it every year.

You need to actively participate in 4/6 modules (Minor/Major Certificate), including the pass/fail online test, and complete an internship of at least 4/8 weeks (Minor/Major Certificate), including a structured documentation of the internship.

Please find all detailed information on the formal requirements for obtaining the certificates in the Certificate Regulations (english / german).

The difference is the number of ECTS you get resulting from the number of modules and the duration of internship you chose: Under the Minor Certificate, you will be credited with 18 ECTS for 4 modules and an internship of at least 4 weeks. For the Major Certificate, you will be credited with 30 ECTS for all 6 modules and an internship of at least 8 weeks. The Minor Certificate might be more suitable if your study plan is very tight and you can get only 18 ECTS credited towards your degree. The full program is recommended for all who want to seize the chance to grasp the topic within its full range.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer you to change the certificate size at a later date than the application.

If your study program is not listed here, this means that we have not agreed on a framework for crediting ViAPACS modules in the respective study program with your examination board. Not every study program that includes “Praxisrelevante Fertigkeiten”, “Schlüsselqualifikationen” or “Soft Skills” will credit ViAPACS modules on it. Of course, you can still conduct the ViAPACS program, but if you would like to have the credits earned count towards your main degree please contact the respective examination board to discuss this issue.

No. You can also participate and acquire ViAPACS ECTS without including them in your study program.

No, internships you have completed before your enrollment in the ViAPACS program cannot be credited.

Eligible for the internship are international, regional, local organizations, NGOs or ministries that deal with conflict resolution, mediation or transformation in the field of diplomacy, peacebuilding, development cooperation, public policy, foreign/cultural policy and remembrance work or the like. The internship needs to be embedded into a unit or project that is explicitly linked to the work on conflict.

Please see also Internships.

You can also look for internships abroad, we do not limit your options to German organizations. Most organizations in the international field work in English and do not require German language skills. More information on internships will be given to the participants at the first Get-to-Know meeting.

This is possible, as long as the internship fulfills all requirements of both programs. Please check back with the Career Center or your examination office regarding your main degree and also with the ViAPACS coordination to ensure suitability in advance.

Yes, you can participate regardless of your current study progress. The only requirement from our side is continuous enrollment at Viadrina over the time of your participation in the ViAPACS program.

You can prove your English language skills in two ways: either with a certificate showing your level of English or a proof of at least six-month stay abroad in an English-speaking country.

Following certificates are accepted:

  • CEFR, at least B2
  • TOEFL, at least 85 points
  • Cambridge First Certificate in English
  • IELTS Certificate, at least 6.0 points

In justified cases that prevent you from completing the course as scheduled (e.g., disabilities, illness, stay abroad, part-time studies, maternity and parental leave, care for children or close relatives), we can grant an exception to the deadlines and dates applicable to the course upon your request (grant of an extension, post-ponement or appropriate subsitute performance). For further information on compensations due to disability or chronical illness please contact us or the counselling service für students with health impairments (

Please note, that you must inform us immediately and in writing ( as soon as the reasons are known and submit relevant documents to substantiate your request. Moreover, enrollment at Viadrina is a prerequisite for participation in the program and obtaining the certificate. Therefore, we recommend that you start early enough with the ViAPACS program to be able to complete the program before your exmatriculation from Viadrina.

Please see also the Certificate Regulations (english / german).


Since the modules must be taken in a specific order, you will not be able to participate in the program cycle this year. You must start with the modules in the winter term before you can participate in the summer term modules. Therefore, we recommend that you apply next year if you can complete the modules in the mandatory sequence.