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Master of International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

Degree awarded

Students successfully completing the full three-semester program are awarded the academic degree of

Master of International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (LL.M.)

by the Faculty of Law of the European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder).

Students who successfully complete the equivalent of one or two semesters of coursework (respectively 30 and 60 ECTS points) as approved by the Academic Management Committee are awarded respectively either the Certificate or Diploma of International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law.


Students in any of the LLM, Diploma and Certificate programs may commence their studies at the beginning of any winter semester (October) or summer semester (April).

Duration of study

The normal period of enrolment before graduation is three semesters for the LLM, two for the Diploma and one for the Certificate. Where good reasons exist (for example unavoidable professional commitments especially relating to the field of study), this period may be modified following approval by the Board of Examiners. In all cases the equivalent semester workload requirements (calculated in ECTS points) must be met for each of the respective qualifications awarded. Under certain circumstance a full interruption through leave of absence may be permitted.