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European Studies

Places of Study

Bilgi University and European University Viadrina

Bilgi University and European University Viadrina share locations at the borders of two areas of different cultural influence: Istanbul between Europe and Asia, and Frankfurt (Oder) between what is perceived as Central and Western Europe. In these demanding environments, both universities play special roles in building bridges of understanding and reconnaissance between the different nations and regions.

The cities of Istanbul and Berlin (which is about one hour from Frankfurt) play an important role as dynamic centres of the two countries. Istanbul is the capital of commercial, cultural and artistic life in Turkey. Similarly, Berlin offers a great variety of activities in both culture and politics.

Centres of European Studies

Special projects such as the European Institute at Bilgi and the Collegium Polonicum at Viadrina promote both teaching and research in European Studies.

The European Institute at Bilgi University is dedicated to research on EU politics and policy with specific emphasis on foreign policy, politics in the expanded EU neighbourhood and relations between Turkey and the EU within the scope of EU enlargement.

The Collegium Polonicum is a joint study centre between Viadrina and Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland that represents an important academic link between the two neighbouring countries